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No Internet connection concept. Road and

Break !!
The digital exclusion,
realize the problems that exist!

We see a world that is becoming more and more digital, which is good if society and all people can keep up.

We see how dismantles such as banks, the post office, ATMs, fixed telephone subscriptions (copper wire), cash handling, clothing stores and more are dismantled.

The purpose of this has probably been that everyone should take care of their own affairs and not, as before, for example employees at a bank or post office. This must be done from home because at work (if you have something ..) it should be a priority.


It's fast,  and those responsible for these dismantling / closures have a worldview that everyone can handle the above mentioned parts or they do not care about it.


Desktop products are what they are. Unfortunately, these responsible people have not bothered to synchronize disassembly with digital alternatives in parallel.


If that were the case, then things could be transferred more smoothly.


The truth has become a Digital Exclusion, where at least 10% are outside. Many people can not afford to get digital gadgets as an aid to the above.

Others also do not have the knowledge or desire to learn. It requires a lot of handling that you got rid of when there was a person behind the door or that you sent a payment in a letter.


Now you must be able to connect yourself and connect your personal information with the bank to be able to make payments


That you completely ignore these people is under all criticism. Through digitalisation, we have made one million people become COMPLETELY outside.



Many people live separately and definitely have no internet connection and will never get it. But even if you live centrally, there are many reasons not to have it.


Many people can not afford, not interest, prioritize milk-on-bread-on-tables.

That is why we want a so-called Good Digital Man / Woman to be set up, a service that comes out and helps those in need in digital matters. Since we do not escape development, it must be set up as a permanent function.


This function would link the exclusion with the digital world without having to suddenly sit at the computer on a daily basis.

It will be a social boost for the person in question just to be able to handle the matters that you can not do as you did before, the person in question will probably also feel better with more social contact.

Financially, this must be good for society to support exclusion.



Now we must make sure to help and break the digital exclusion !!

Help us help break the exclusion

Do you know someone, you who are digital, who needs help to reach the digital world. Contact Us !

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Thank you for your participation !

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