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The following individuals are part of the Dataologists

Inspires our dear customers daily and they inspire us

All employees have over 40 years in the IT industry.

All have the vein that a Dataologist should have.

The computer industry's own psychologist, unique in its kind.

Takes care of and listens to the customer's wishes and needs, does not speak abbreviations and other IT gibberish.

Social and Digital = Strimma's motto!

Strimma's History

Started in 1993 as an IT support company focused on businesses.

Times have since changed with Hem-PC as a start, where private individuals at their companies could buy a Hem-PC at a greatly reduced prs.

During the 21st century, many people who want to use digital gadgets have run away from development.

Nowadays, the smartphone is as powerful as an entire computer hall was in the 80s, sounds strange but it is true.

So everyone walks around with their own data center in their pocket...!

This has meant that all private pension funds should, as was done in the 80s, manage their "data hall".

Take backups, nowadays stioppa virus etc. (that didn't exist in the 80s)

Now we were trained in the 80s to take care of our Datahall, but the private peson does not have that background.

you got a computer hall, just like that.

This means that we at Strimma now have to help everyone who needs support with their computer hall, which also means the old big screen TV which is now also a jumble of cables and connections to function.

That's why we started the Dataologists - The need is great out there!

Team Strimma

Customer example
We work with both private individuals and companies, you can be content with that!

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